Header Pictures!!!!!!! PLEASE READ - for our clan site..

Heya Fistie's!!!!

I have the top of our clansite to display pictures that change on page load. Currently there are only 2.

Version: 1.9.7 (Date: 2012/10/30)


-New: Auction House (Allows to trade items between users). These are found in the main city's surroundings of each realm.


Many clannies have asked me to make changes to ranks.. and to promote people..


I cannot :(

The ENTIRE clan ranking system for HORUS Original Clans are broken.

New Castles in October

Rumour has it we are going to get new forts in Oct. if you haven't seen the video.. take a peek there is a post of it on the clansite... they ARE BIIIIIG. I see lots of archers hiding everywhere.

Achievments added

Well NGD has made another change to the game.. This is the way of adding achievements to the game.. some of them are cool. Some. Well, lets just say.. I'm never going to trade 5000 times..

Purple disease event has ended

Yay the spiders are gone... yay the doors are not popping randomly all over the realm..and too boot GM Frosk gave is a +50% drop boost and a +50% exp boost for 24hours go grind!!

Abuse of officer power

A member with Officer rank in the clan decided in their infinite wisdom to abuse their officer status and expelled a large portion of the clan that was below the rank of Inquisitor.

New Event in regnum

Regnum Online is looking for a new breed of champions! Do you have what it takes?

The New Forts are here!!

Log onto Regnum.. the new forts are here..They are big and they are awesome. The moved the saves and added one though. Dunno how that will work out.

Current ranking system

I have finished the first draft of the current ranking system. You can view the Ranks here
FIST Ranks Take a peek. Tell me what you think so far.

Regnum is down - Maybe

I cannot get into Regnum im assuming its because they are down i looked in their forums and found.

Version: 1.9.6 (Hotfix 2) (Date: 2012/8/14)


-Fixed: Error provoking the quests "Missing Runestones - Getting to the Bottom", "The Element

Version: 1.9.1 (Date: 2012/2/15)


-New: Orcs have been redesigned and remodeled
-New: Bears have been redesigned and remodeled.
-New: Terrain textures have been revamped.

Rampant Player Killing and Uncensored Mayhem in Rubies of Eventide!

I was out on the web and i found a reference to ROE I thought you would all enjoy it.. tells a little about the environment that FIST grew up in as we were one of the TOP Halberd PvP Clans.

Renum appears to be temporarly down

Regnum has been sadly down to me all morning. I checks the tweets and the announcements.. so im not sure why it would be down. possibly it is maintenance.

Profile Percentage Checklist

I have recently started the "Profile percentage worksheet" after completing the check-list you will/ or should have full access to the clansite.

Version 1.7.6 is up! (2011/6/30)

Version: 1.7.6 (Date: 2011/6/30)



•Change: The "Horn of the Wind" power requires at least one (1) ally next to the caster present to be available.

Version: 1.7.4 (hotfix 1) (Date: 2011/5/28)



• Corrected: Error that caused the resurrection altars of Imperia and Shaanrid didn’t work correctly.

Forums Changes

I have redid the forums. I hope that not only do they look better, but also are clear and easy to use.


More Changes

I discovered some permission issues with posting ability for people who were strictly authenticated. I tested the new permissions thismorning and they appear functional.

New changes to the site

I have been working real hard at making changes to the clansite to make it easyer to use. I hope these changes make your visit more enjoyable.


New patch : Version: 1.9.6 (Date: 2012/8/6)

Version: 1.9.6 (Date: 2012/8/6)


Content - Art:
-New: Houses and main structures from the Realm of Ignis have been redesigned.


Version: 1.7.9 (Date: 2011/10/4)


World Map:
-New: The castles from the 3 realms had been replaced by new models. Surrounding locations have been edited as well.

Regnum updated - Version: 1.7.8 (Date: 2011/9/15)

-New: Achievements System. Players will be able to unlock various achievements, in 6 different categories.
-Fixed: Some powers occasionally had an additional duration of 1 second.

ALA the dragon has been slain

yes the dragon was killed and as you might know I also had a handy capture too. The movie has been made and posted check it out!!!

An EPIC moment for Alsusis

we actually obtained ALL 6 of the gems. WOOOOO... then it gets bad. A multirealmer obtained possession of the gem. and stood outside the gates with it waiting for Ignis or Syrtis to take it.

NGD releases new patch for Regnum

Version: 1.7.5 (Date: 2011/5/28)



-Modified: Minor adjustments to the collision of the strong to prevent the players to stand in certain parts of the walls.


A new Hotfix has been released. read below to learn more.

Read below to learn all the details of the new hotfix

Version: 1.7.4 (Date: 2011/5/16)



Forum Access

I am currently tweaking the Forums.. they may inaccessible for an hour or two



Wooo hoo the outage is over.. this morning I went to log in and the game was there woooo... sucks now i have to sit at work and wait till its time to play.