Frequently Asked Questions

Yes fist has a mumble server. It is located at

SERVER NAME :Fist Mumble Server

That is because it IS hard to use and is very confusing. It is still under construction and I'm still working out the bugs. It will be soon more understandable. thank you for your patience.

Our site is integrated with Facebook. and any posts on the Facebook page gets routed here. Feel free to join us on our facebook page.

A) Make sure you do not have any other copies open of the player.
B) When the applet starts the volume is set to 0 - try moving volume slider.

A) Go to the roster.
B) Click on your characters name. It should take your profile page.
C) Select "Edit" from tabs at top of profile.
D) Locate the Alsius Emblem near top of page and click remove.
E) Click "Browse" - select yur picture - Click "Upload"
D) Allow moment for image to upload. A thumbnail should appear of your image.
E) Scroll down to bottom of page and click "Save"

All done :)

Only fist memebrs are allowed to post screenshots.

If you are a Fist Member, there are two ways.

A) On the header menu there is a link called "Post Content"
B) On the Navigation menu located on the left hand side of most pages - Select "Create Content"

Select the item "Regnum Screenshot"

A) Double check with Icon that you have full forum access.

B) Some times the forums get out of synch with the rest of the site. Go to the forums Page scroll to the bottom. You should see a log in for the forums. Remember to Click "remember me" this should solve your problem.

Fist of the Ogre was founded July of 2003