New patch : Version: 1.9.6 (Date: 2012/8/6)

Version: 1.9.6 (Date: 2012/8/6)


Content - Art:
-New: Houses and main structures from the Realm of Ignis have been redesigned.
-New: The ancient ruins of the realm of Ignis have been remodeled.
-New: Altars of Resurrection in the world have been remodeled. Now they possess unique designs per realm.
-Modified: General map fixes in the warzone.

Content - Gameplay:
-New: Realm Tasks. It is now possible to complete "realm tasks", accessible through boards distributed in main cities and castles.
-New: Achievements related to Realm Tasks.
-New: 2 resurrection altars have been added for each realm in the warzone, near castles and secondary forts. The location of these altars got selected according to the feedback received from the community.
Modified: Resurrection Altars near the realm walls of each realm have been eliminated.
Modified: Options menu has been revamped.
New: Video Quality slider. This slider provides prestablished options (Low; Medium; High; Very High; Ultra). This allows a quick selection of the video settings according to the user's hardware.
New: Advanced Options added in the Video tab in the Options menu. This allows the user to precisely control the balance between performance and graphic quality.
Modified: The "Game" and "Interface" tabs from the options menu are now unified. Now all the options from these 2 tabs are now included in the same "Game" tab.

Content - Client:
New: Graphics Engine now supports Deferred Shading, which provides a better graphical quality and a much more better performance.
New: Ambient Occlusion Post-process.
New: FXAA post-process (Antialiasing).
New: Bloom Post-process.
New: New weathers and improvements in environments depending on the region of the map and the time of the day.
Modified: Support for Lighting Per Pixel added.
Modified: Water Quality and Detail improved.
New: Support for lighting in power effects added.

Modified: Minimum damage system does not generate equal damages anymore.
Modified: The power "Recharged Arrows", corresponding to the "Marksman" Subclass, now discounts a small percentage of health per arrow, and the mana reduced has also been modified.