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LebeauNevermind ... Slarti has put RegnumSentinel back online ... but it still would make a nice addition here.3 weeks 2 days ago
LebeauWassail*4 weeks 3 days ago
LebeauRegnumSentinel is down & may remain so indefinitely. Icon, please try to contact other coders & see if you can find/obtain a working copy of one of the various CoR class-trainers that exist (Wassil, Inquisition, RegnumSentinel). Be a nice addition here.4 weeks 3 days ago
LebeauYou said to ask, so will do so once more ... Ina = Wind Walker, Hunt N Peck = Femme Fatale ... rank 'em boss!36 weeks 3 days ago
LebeauExecutioner/Wind Walker* (jeez, my bad, twice now).45 weeks 3 days ago
LebeauExecutioner/Silent Stalker*45 weeks 4 days ago
LebeauFYI: Ona & Ina should be promoted to Executioner/Iron Maiden p & ty. :)45 weeks 4 days ago
icon year 28 weeks ago
stabynice i had the old one1 year 49 weeks ago
iconI have put up a new server.. which means i will be retiring the 7 year old Mumble server. The new server addy is 64738 please reajust to the new mumble address.. as i cannot say how long the older mumble server will be up.2 years 32 weeks ago
LebeauAnother FYI for consideration: An allied clan has extended an open invitation to Fisties to use their mumble when/ if we like. All welcome. More = better; more command/ control/coordination/communication. The address is, port 9883.3 years 11 weeks ago
LebeauBTW: Me last goats are WM's now, Ike. Please promote Grouch O Marks & Barb E Cued.3 years 12 weeks ago
LebeauFYI: pics/stats of the 9 new WM rings & ammies are on the Steam cloud, under user 'Una'. Look under group 'Fist of the Ogre' to identify which Una.3 years 13 weeks ago
iconHeya Hsekin :)3 years 19 weeks ago
Hsekinhello, how have you all been :D3 years 21 weeks ago
iconI have setup our offcial STEAM GROUP page. You can visit here years 16 weeks ago
Hsekinweeee <3 FIST4 years 18 weeks ago
iconWere making a few changes to the website. Be excited they are cool changes :)4 years 20 weeks ago
iconMud server experienced a hardware failure. It is up and running on different equipment. cross your fingers4 years 21 weeks ago
iconThe mud server had an Issue this morning so i took this time to do maintenence. MajorMud will be back up shortly4 years 22 weeks ago
iconIve added a AWESOME link on the clansite. So now ALL you fisties can check out MajorMud. Just look up in the main menu up above to check it out!4 years 22 weeks ago
iconOk Gygaxe and Alatari, you are both setup :) :).. dont forget to fill out your info on the Clan Roster page :)4 years 33 weeks ago
HsekinYo Icon if there was chat option then it would be better. But anyways the site's great M lovin it LOL4 years 34 weeks ago
Hsekinaye sir4 years 34 weeks ago
iconHsekin, your account has been setup. dont forget to go and play with your roster profile :)4 years 34 weeks ago
HsekinYo Guys4 years 34 weeks ago
iconOk psykodelik, your account is setup.. just go to you roster and click edit :)4 years 34 weeks ago
iconThe register application is now fixed if anyone has any more issues please let me know.4 years 35 weeks ago
iconIt has recent come to my attention that the new user signup process is having some issues.. It is currently being worked on. updates to follow4 years 35 weeks ago
iconI did some more work on the site i hope that i didnt break anything.4 years 39 weeks ago