Version: 1.9.6 (Hotfix 2) (Date: 2012/8/14)


-Fixed: Error provoking the quests "Missing Runestones - Getting to the Bottom", "The Element
Runestones - The Water Element", "The Swindlers" and "History of the Runestones", from the realm of Ignis, to not be completable.
-Fixed: Error causing the quest "The Pillar", from the realm of Alsius, to not be completable.
-Fixed: Error causing the quests "Obsessive Shine", "A spy in Fisgael" and "Fallen Water", from the realm of Syrtis, to not be completable.
-Fixed: The realm task "Get Items" has been fixed.
-Modified: The standard FOV (field of view) values have been amplified from 45 to 55 (Widescreen resolutions) and from 45 to 60 (4:3 resolutions).
-Fixed: Error causing players to be able to save their position in enemy altars of resurrection.
-Fixed: Error causing achievements related to Realm Tasks to not be completable.

-Fixed: Error causing the game to not restart after applying changes in the video options menu.
-Fixed: Error causing some dynamic objects, such as Altars of Resurrections, would be visually
-Fixed: Error in OpenGL causing a random blink in shadows.